Add fun to your mobile!

We publish fantastic web apps & native apps for a broad audience to add more add value or fun in live.

monster game

We Buy, Develop and Invest in the best Web & Mobile Apps for WEB, IOS, Android and Windows. Our Apps are an Add Value to your Business and or Add Fun to Mobile Devices used by Young, Old, Female & Male.

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Device & OS Independent is What we Love.

In a World dominated by IOS, Android and a bit of Windows Mobile, we Believe App & Game Development should be accessable for All. So we embrace HTML5, Swift and Unity as developing tools to Develop Web Apps, Native Apps and Games being OS independent.


Add Value Business Business Concepts, Professional Business Apps & Fun Games, it’s in our DNA.

We live in a complex continue changing world. Our position is to deliver Apps which enrich the life of anyone. How? By invest in and or develop user friendly, challenging, beautiful web & native apps. Suitable for all. Check out our portfolio to learn more.

About Webfabric

A Business Changing Disruptive Internet Company


Buy & Sell

If you have a great website, web app or mobile game, If you have the biggest business or game changing idea ever or if you want to resell a succesful website, app or mobile game, we might be interesting to buy it from you. Simply contact us to learn more.



We develop web apps, apps and mobile games for Web, IOS, Android and Windows. We target on a broad audience, because our philosophy is “everyone should have a perfect user experience regardless where they are and what they are using to access the internet”.


Media Company

Above all other expertise we are an internet media company. We exploit websites, apps and games which has a large and broad audience. We use several business models to accomplish such. Titles of websites and apps within our portfolio are: “Monster Rescue” “Shark Attack” “”, “Yachtparts” and “”

We believe strongly in co-creation. If you believe you can be an add value partner for us, please contact us.


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